Archetype operates more as a consultant group than a photographic dealer. We provide many years of digital imaging experience to help plan and implement your scanning facility, with training and education being a very important part of a successful installation. Since we are not directly affiliated with any company we can make unbiased recommendations on the best equipment for your business expansion into digital capture.

Archetype can help you select the proper equipment, and work as an agent or broker to assist in the purchasing in one convenient purchase order. We have deep industry alliances that provide access to most any type of major equipment brand or accessory related to photography and fine art reproduction.

Regardless of your photographic experience, Archetype can help you select equipment suited to your expertise, digital requirements and budget. A significant part of Archetype's business is training. We encourage our customers to include installation and training in their budget to assure a quick and successful startup to their digitization work.

For over fifteen years we have been meeting the unique digital imaging needs of the academic and cultural heritage communities, including:

  • Identifying appropriate technology and workflow solutions for specific imaging applications, projects, and collections.
  • Quickly research, evaluate, locate and purchase equipment as funds become available.
  • Customizing of existing technology and devices to meet specific needs.
  • Providing a high level of on-going support including project integration, on-site installation, customized training, color management, and after-sale support.

Now partnered with Rencay USA, Tarsia Technical Industries (TTI) and Harwin Camera we can provide the widest variety of equipment and the finest customer service.


From the finest high resolution scanning camera system to a simple DSLR...or a sophisticated book copy scanner to a book cradle...Archetype can provide the most extensive range of products and customized accessories for digital imaging workflow.

Providing Practical Digitizing Solutions for Museums,
Libraries and Fine Art Print Reproduction Companies

Rencay USA, TTI Tarsia Technical Industries, Sinar, NorthLight, BetterLight, Leica, Rodenstock, Epson, Manfrotto, X-Rite, Eizo, Nikon, and more.

Our Clients' Feedback:


Thank you, Larry Guyer, thank you for 3 days of training on my new Scanning Back equipment that you selected for me. You're a delight to work with…and for being the best Scanning Teacher of all time. I. Scott, Brooklyn


It is such a pleasure to work with someone that is passionate about what they do. I look forward to working with you for a long time.  D. Beardsley, Camarillo, CA


Not only did you help us at the onset of the project, but, we have owned the scanner for probably four years now and you have always been available for consultation and advice on keeping it running at peak performance, plus advice on calibration, updates and other questions we have had for you.  T. Georgick, Tacoma, WA


Thank you very much for all your help with the order and all your patience throughout the consultation process. I am really happy that we went with your recommendations and look forward to future opportunities to work with you again.  J. Chi, Los Angeles, CA


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