• Are you disappointed in the results of your digital images?
  • Do your images need a lot of post-capture manipulation?
  • Have you avoided creating custom camera profiles or learning the secrets of color management?
  • Isn't it frustrating when you just can't get all corners of the art perfectly focused
    or focused as crisp as you hoped?
  • And what about the battles with getting even lighting across the copyboard area?
  • Or are you just plain frustrated with digital capture in general?

THERE IS AN AFFORDABLE SOLUTION...The Archetype Traveling Tech Reps!

Seminars and conferences are definitely valuable ways to learn, but the best way to solve your problems is to have someone work with you in your environment and with your equipment. Very often, when someone new looks at your setup or workflow, problems can be found in some of the most elementary steps.

Take a minute to reflect on your confidence and efficiency in digital capture...are you getting the best results that you can? Are the results consistent? Are your customers (or bosses) happy? If you think you could use some help, on-site training or individual consulting is now available from Archetype Imaging.

Archetype was founded by professional photographers, each with nearly 16 years of digital imaging experience. This hands-on industry knowledge helps us identify ways to maximize your efficiency and improve the product you deliver to your customers.

A pair of fresh eyes, can often spot existing obstacles and incorrect working habits. Based on the many customers that we have worked with over the years, we have found that some of the biggest problems are solved by seemingly simple and obvious things.

There are numerous, common and troublesome aspects of the imaging process that we have normally been able to improve on...sometimes significantly. The more typical issues are selecting the right equipment for the job, understanding your camera software, managing color with camera profiles, obtaining accurate focus, and general issues with lighting and exposure control.

This is your opportunity for personalized, one-on-one training and an evaluation of techniques, equipment accessories, and processing steps that can increase efficiency, speed up workflow, improve repeatability, and produce the best possible results.

Contact us at training@archetypeimaging.com for one-on-one training or assistance with planning and equipment for a new photography installation.

Although Archetype specializes in fine art reproduction work with museums, libraries, and fine art print-makers, our partners have extensive backgrounds in commercial, architectural and industrial photography. Regardless of your photographic specialty or level of experience, Archetype can customize a training program for you.

Struggling With Your Digital Photography Workflow or Quality?

Our Clients' Feedback:


Choose Larry for your training. He will share a wealth of knowledge and he is a pleasure to learn from!  T. Baker, Seattle, WA


Larry got me through the new-to-me processes and software with his engaging teaching style!
After his departure, he was great at helping me through any rough patches via emails and phone calls  — a life-line that I depend on to this day.  D. Davis, Chapel Hill, NC


Larry and Mary also gave in-depth on-site training for archivists and digital media specialists providing our staff with the background theory and hands on training to start rapidly using the system. This training included tips and techniques to improve our specialized workflow and addressed troubled areas we had struggled with in the past.  M. Rivero, Houston, TX


Larry's instruction made immediate sense and saved me an incalculable amount of effort and time. Larry can build a product lighting setup like you cannot believe. I am a believer. Hire him, you will learn a LOT.  M. McGilvray, Sacramento, CA


Our new reprographics system is up and running, thanks to Larry. He's done an awesome job with the installation and training and the folks here are really excited about the prospect of working with this very sophisticated equipment.   R. Jones, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


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