Archetype was founded by career photographers who have owned Better Light scanning backs for over 18 years. Our work with Better Light prospects and owners, has proved that many get off to a good start, but staff turnover or bad habits that work "most of the time" seem to backfire when least expected.

Workflow roadblocks can be improved by taking full advantage of the features in the ViewFinder software including the Focus tool, Curves and Profiles. Implementing tools such as the Zig-Align, Equalight software, cross-polarization, and directional lighting for texture can improve the quality and repeatability of your photography work.

An opportunity for personalized, one-on-one training with the Better Light scanning camera and an evaluation of techniques, equipment accessories, and processing steps that can increase efficiency, speed up workflow, improve repeatability, and produce the best possible results.


  1. First and foremost, troubleshooting any known existing problems or questions that you may have.
  2. Full review of current workflow arid equipment with suggestion to make improvements.
  3. An overview of latest ViewFinder software with tips and techniques to optimize results.
  4. Special attention to camera alignment, use of Zig-Align products, the Digital Focus Tool and new SuperView in the ViewFinder software.
  5. Advantages and procedures to create a custom camera profile for more improved color management.
  6. Using Repro Curves or customized Tone Curves in ViewFinder.
  7. Subject lighting, polarizing and Equalight processing (for even background illumination).
  8. Benefits of using Unsharp Masking to greatly improve visual sharpness of line art and subject detail.

If you are not getting the results you want out of your Better Light scanning back...or have some problems in your digital workflow, this may be the time to get back on track.

Take a minute to reflect on your confidence and efficiency in your digital image capture. If you are not satisfied, contact us today at: for one-on-one training or assistance with planning or equipment for a new photography installation.

"You are very good at everything you do, and you do it with a level of enthusiasm that is hard to find these days.  I am happy to recommend your training services, and I'm glad that you and your associates don't mind traveling".   Mike Collette, Better Light, Inc.

Customized On-Site Training
For Better Light Owners

Our Clients' Feedback:


We found his training to be very informative, especially when it came to working with the Better Light scanning back and Viewfinder software, as well as topics such as calibration and profiling. Larry was very supportive and willing to help us with our questions before, during, and after our training session."  P. Sager, Columbus, OH


Larry – it worked! 13-minute scans down to 3-minutes. My students were so happy – they want to send you cookies!  And we changed the focusing workflow as you suggested and that is working well too.  S. Thiel, Lawrence, KS


The session you did with us was invaluable. Most of what we did together was validation of what we're doing right, but we learned some new tricks and it was very helpful to have you in our studio, actually working with our equipment and our work flow.  S. Moore, Bellevue, WA



Archetype now has an inventory of Better Light accessories including Insert Cables, IR-absorbing Filters, AC Adapters, USB Cables and Alignment Kits. We are also the coordinator for all Better Light repairs and servicing.  Contact us for any of your scanning back needs.

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